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Department for Deaf Students


The Department for Deaf Students was set up in 1995 with two children. Since this time it has expanded and now has over 25 students from years 7 to 11. The Department enables children to attend and be part of a mainstream school that promotes inclusion within society as a whole. It provides a secure, safe and effective learning environment in a large secondary school that places emphasis on literacy with success and achievement for all. Students are supported and encouraged to develop their independence, self- confidence and identity.

Student’s needs are addressed on an individual basis and appropriate provision is put in place. Academic needs are supported fully within mainstream lessons by specially trained Teaching Assistants all of whom hold a minimum qualification of Level 2 British Sign Language. This provides an essential link between mainstream teachers and students, thus promoting Deaf awareness and Deaf friendly teaching. We work closely with outside agencies such as Social Services, Deaf CAMHS, Educational Psychologists, NDCS, Speech and Language Therapy, The Specialist Teacher Service, audiology departments and cochlear implant teams. This ensures our knowledge is up-to-date and that our children receive the best support available at all times.


Approach to Communication

A flexible, child-centred approach to communication is used. This includes British Sign Language, Sign Supported English, mime/gesture, and communicate in print. Students are guided to reach their potential by maximising their use of residual hearing. Audiological equipment, including FM radio aid systems are checked daily and used to enhance student’s access to the sounds of speech.



Overall our aim is to raise attainment levels and develop students as individuals who are able to independently take their place in the world when they leave the College. We work hard to help children develop to their fullest potential in a safe, secure, friendly environment.

This is achieved through;

  • Inclusion in all aspects of College life.
  • Specialist Teaching Assistant support in mainstream lessons.
  • Reading intervention programme.
  • Specific learning interventions.
  • Healthy minds programme.
  • Pastoral support.
  • Monitoring and support of audiological equipment.
  • Modification of language and development of literacy and key skills.


Admissions Procedure

Students can be considered for a place in the Department if they have a Statement of Special Educational Needs which states that a bilateral severe to profound hearing loss is their primary need. Applications for places must be made through the Local Authority, where it is clear that the student’s specific needs can be met by both the Department and the College.


Contact Details

Head of Learning Mrs J. Daynes 
Mrs L. Shillingford 
Telephone - 01795 472449


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