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Health and Social Care

Exam Board - Edexcel (Years 9-11)


The health and social care department currently offer BTEC courses across KS3, KS4 and KS5. 

• Year 9-11: BTEC level 2 health and social care (Edexcel)
• Post-16: BTEC level 3 health and social care (Edexcel)

Year 9 - 11

Current Year 9 students on the BTEC level 2 course:

Year 9
Throughout Year 9 students will learn the skills required to complete level 2 controlled assessment. This will prepare them for their controlled assessment in Year 10. Key areas covered are:

• Plagiarism
• Independent research
• Team work
• Negotiation and debate
• Oracy skills
• Data analysis
• Mindfulness

Year 10
Throughout Year 10 students complete the controlled assessment component of the course. This accounts for 60% of their overall BTEC qualification and is completed entirely under supervised conditions.

Year 11
Throughout Year 11 students complete the examination component of the course. This accounts for 40% of their overall GCSE and takes place in the summer examination period. The exam is three hours long and marked out of 60.

Sixth Form

BTEC level 3 health and social care is a two year course involving a combination of coursework, examination and work placement units. This course prepares students for work in the health and social care sector or further study at university level. A total of 13 topics are covered including:

• Human lifespan and development
• Working in health and social care
• Anatomy and physiology for health and social care
• Enquiries into current research in health and social care
• Meeting individual care and support needs
• Work experience in health and social care
• Principles of safe practice in health and social care settings
• Assessing children's development support needs
• Promoting public health
• Nutritional health
• Psychological perspectives
• Sociological perspectives
• Physiological disorders and their care

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