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Book Thieves; B4; lunchtime
Gaming club; B17; lunchtime
Drama club; KS3;  3.30-4.30pm
Craft club; Library; 3-4pm
Comedy Dance; Dr; Yr 10+; 3.30-4.30pm
Dance club; Yrs 7 & 8; Studio; 3-4pm



Gaming club; B17; lunchtime
Table-tennis; 3.10-4.15pm
Badminton; 3.10-4.15pm
Signing club; DDS; 3-3.30pm
Kent Choices 4u; C12; 3-4pm
Musical Theatre; 3.30-5.30pm



News club;D4; 3-4pm
Drama club; KS4 and KS5; 3.30-4.30pm
Fitness; Gym; 3.10-4.15pm
Breakdance; Studio; 3-4pm
Scalectrix; F4; 3-4pm
Archery; 3-5pm
Minecraft;  B17/18; 3-4pm



Manga & Anime; B4; lunchtime
Science club; B17; 3-4pm (Yr 7&8)
Handball; Gym; 3.10-4.15pm
Singstars; M1 ; 3-4pm
Art Awards club; C1; 3-4.30pm



Gaming club; B17; lunchtime
Keyboard club; M1; lunchtime
Band rehearsals; M1;  3-4pm
Archery; 3-9pm


Homework Help

Student ambassadors’ support; library; 8 - 8.30am

Resources & assistance available in library before school, break, lunch and after school