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Poppy Parade at Ypres


On Sunday 11 November, 3 Year 9 students were given a once in a lifetime opportunity, to take part in the Poppy Parade at Ypres, on the centenary of the end of World War I. 

There were around 20,000 people in the parade and tens of thousands more in the crowd.  It was a very surreal experience which was broadcast all over the world.  Our students marched proudly behind veterans from around the commonwealth who had all come to show their appreciation and gratitude to those who fought in World War I. 

The Poppy Parade took us under the Menin Gate which was built to commemorate 50,000 commonwealth soldiers who have no grave.  At the end of the service thousands of poppy petals were dropped through the gate as the crowd were silent.  It was a very moving moment. 

After the service and after exploring Ypres, the students visited a commonwealth war grave and a German war grave, looking at the contrast between the two ways that the soldiers were remembered.

The students were given this wonderful opportunity to be part of the trip because of the excellent independent learning projects they handed in.