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YEAR 8 INTO YEAR 9 OPTIONS EVENING - Monday 21st January - Read More

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Sittingbourne Community College is a large non-selective school and was judged by Ofsted in November 2017 as a ‘Good’ school.

We believe that all learners need to feel safe and secure in school in order for them to reach their full potential. We have established a culture of respect for each other and pride in academic achievement for all learners.

Our objective is to ensure success for every student so that when they leave us they are well rounded, confident individuals, well equipped to take their place in the work place or further education. We are very proud of the culture and ethos that exists in the school which is continually evolving and developing to ensure that all students benefit from our extensive systems of support.


About Us

We are a large secondary school, divided into four communities.  There are three communities for Year 7 through to 10:  Aquila, Orion and Phoenix. Year 11 and the Sixth Form, together, make up the Archer Community. 

Each community is led by a team of staff who will ensure that your child is supported both academically and pastorally.  If you wish to contact a member of staff from the community, please go to our contact page.

We offer our pupils a broad curriculum with a sharp focus on high expectations for all.  Pupils are encouraged to be ready to learn and our School Message, Classroom Code and Site Code are designed to foster respect and hard work.

We also have specialist units at the school: one for deaf pupils and one for pupils with speech and language difficulties.  A place in either unit is governed by the local authority and pupils must have a statement of special educational need.

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Showcase our top teams, teachers, staff and volunteers by putting them forward for a Kent Teacher of the Year Award… Link

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Phoebe Murton - Year 11 - Art - Coursework - 'Fantastic and strange'

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YEAR 8 INTO YEAR 9 OPTIONS EVENING - Monday 21st January 2019. More details including times click the following lin… Link

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  • Year 8 Options Evening


  • Year 8 Trust Exams


  • Dance Show "PHASE:3"

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